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Lomon group of two consecutive received the "national petrochemical news propaganda of advanced unit" honorary title

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In July 20th, jointly sponsored by the Chinese chemical newspaper Federation, by Sinopec second national oil and chemical industry news propaganda work conference held in Beijing, from the local industry associations responsible person, news propaganda work of petroleum and chemical enterprises and institutions responsible person, and China chemical newspaper of the journalists and representatives of nearly 500 people to attend the the meeting.

The meeting summed up two years industry news propaganda work experience, in recognition of the outstanding works, the advanced units and individuals, analyzed the current situation and tasks facing, to make arrangements for the next phase of the news propaganda work. Sichuan Province longmang group of two consecutive received the "national oil and chemical industry news propaganda of advanced unit" honorary.

Chinese petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation President Li Yongwu made a keynote report. He introduced, two years industry news propaganda work very fruitful, for example, vigorously carry out the theme of the campaign, provide a strong public opinion support to industry reform and development; new measures in safety energy-saving environmental protection, in-depth publicity industry, establishing a good image of the industry; seriously sum up and vigorously publicity adjustable structure, turn way typical experience, guide the industry sustained and healthy vigorously promote the development of responsible care, expand the influence of in the industry.

Li Yongwu points out, do the whole industry news propaganda work, we must accurately grasp the central decision-making arrangements, a clear understanding of the industry development trend. To promote, guide, service and promote the scientific development of the industry as the theme, in order to promote the news propaganda reform of system and mechanism innovation as guarantee, make new contributions to the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the industry. The main task of the current and future periods are: to strengthen the Chinese characteristic socialism and "Chinese dream" propaganda, and guide the cadres and workers to build a petrochemical power and make unremitting efforts; strengthen the central macro policy and industry reform and development of the propaganda, guide the industry continues to strive for new achievements of steady growth, adjusting structure, turn way; vigorously propaganda and scientific ways and experience method construction of petrochemical power, guide and encourage the industry to solve problems, the industry faces the morale, confidence.

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